Stiffening Nucleator BT-20

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Stiffening Nucleator BT-20

BT-20 is an aluminium aromatic carboxylate to increase rigidity and other benefits of Polyolefns.

It is can be used in PP, PE, EVA, POE, PA, PES, POM, TPT etc.  


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By using this product, clients can make bottles, closures, PP pipe and other plastic parts.

High effective for polyolefin by using BT-20 are as follows:

1.Raises crystallization temperature of matrix resin greatly;

2.Raises heat distortion temperature of matrix resin greatly;

3.Raises tensile strength of matrix resin greatly;

4.Raises surface strength of matrix resin greatly;

5.Raises flexural modulus of matrix resin greatly;

6.Gives remarkable transparency of matrix resin;

7.Raises impact strength of matrix resin greatly.

The useful information:




White powder






15 kg / bag

What is Nucleating Agent?

As a modifier for polyolefin resin crystallization, Nucleating Agent can make plastic products have good processing performance and better application performance. In order to give full play to the advantages of each Nucleating Agent, in recent years, the main development direction is the compounding of Nucleating Agents. There is a significant synergistic effect of inorganic, organic or different structures of Nucleating Agent. Multicomponent compounding is an important trend in the development of modern polymer additives. Anyhow, sorbitol based Nucleating Agent is most popular in the world market for the time being.
CHINA BGT can supply full range of Nucleating Agent, such as Clarifying Agent, Nucleating Agent for increasing rigidity and β-Crystal Nucleating Agent. These products can be used in PP, PE, PET, PBT, NYLON, PA, EVA, POM and TPU etc.

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