Polyester & Nylon Nucleator P-24

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Polyester & Nylon Nucleator P-24

P-24 is a physical compounds of few Nucleating Agent of long chain polyester sodium salt to speed up crystallization of Polyester and Nylon.

It is can be used for PET, PBT and Nylon.

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P-24 is a physical compounds of few nucleating agent of long chain polyester sodium salt to speed up crystallization of Polyester and Nylon.



1. Shortening molding cycle and increasing productivity.
2. Improve demoulding.
3. Improving dimensional stability of products.
4. Reduce product shrinkage.
5. Prevention of stress cracking of products.
6. Improve mechanical properties( increase tensile strength and hardness).
7. Improving surface gloss.


The useful information:




White powder


PET, PBT, Nylon


0.2%-1% ( usually about 0.5%)


25 kg / bag


What is Nucleating Agent?

Nucleating Agent is a kind of additive which is suitable for incomplete crystallized plastics such as polypropylene and polyethylene. By changing the crystallization behavior of resin and accelerate the crystallization rate, can achieve the purpose of shortening the molding cycle, increasing clarity surface gloss, rigidity, thermal deformation temperature, tensile strength and impact resistance of finished products.
Polymer modified by Nucleating Agent, It not only retains the original characteristics of polymer, but also has better performance price ratio than many materials with good processing performance and wide range of application. Using Nucleating Agent in PP not only replace glass, but also replace other polymers like PET, HD, PS, PVC, PC, etc. for making food packing, medical implement, cultural article for daily use, clarifying wrapper and other high grade tableware.
CHINA BGT can supply full range of Nucleating Agent, such as Clarifying Agent, Nucleating Agent for increasing rigidity and β-Crystal Nucleating Agent. These products can be used in PP, PE, PET, PBT, NYLON, PA, EVA, POM and TPU etc.


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