Ink Remover BT-301/ 302

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Ink Remover BT-301/ 302

BT-301/302 is a liquid for removing any color of PP and PE materials with no temperature needed.

It is for PP Knitting Bag superficial printing ink elimination.

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BT-301/302 is a liquid for removing any color of PP and PE materials with no temperature needed. It was tested based on the printing ink on any film bag both at home and abroad. It can fast and effectively clean the superficial printing ink and other smudge causing environmental pollution on the surface of recycle PP Knitting Bag and return the clean and white color of material.


The useful information:




Liguid form


Plastic and Rubber


As per TDS


25kg / plastic drum


Please Pay Attention:

1、This product should be stored in evades the light place coolly.

2、Splashes carelessly into the eye, please use the massive clear water to flush.

3、The gummed glove is needed when works.


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