Nucleating Agent

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  • Stiffening Nucleator BT-9801Z

    Stiffening Nucleator BT-9801Z

    BT-9801Z is belonging to organic salts, has excellent disperse, good chemical inertia and heat stability.

    It is specially used for PP material.

  • Stiffening Nucleator BT-20

    Stiffening Nucleator BT-20

    BT-20 is an aluminium aromatic carboxylate to increase rigidity and other benefits of Polyolefns.

    It is can be used in PP, PE, EVA, POE, PA, PES, POM, TPT etc.  


  • Nucleating Agent BT-9811

    Nucleating Agent BT-9811

    BT-9811 is a kind of nucleating agent of phosphate sodium salt.

    CAS Number: 85209-91-2

  • Nucleating Agent BT-809

    Nucleating Agent BT-809

    It is a kind of phosphoric acid nucleating agent with high effective which is applied to polypropylene crystallization behavior. It can reduce linear thermal expansion coefficient and shrinkage of polypropylene, give polypropylene uniform shrinkage characteristics and good assembly of parts, also can refine the crystal size of polypropylene, improve the excellent rigidity and toughness balance of polypropylene. It can accelerate the crystallization rate of polypropylene to improve the production speed and the product performance.

  • Polyester & Nylon Nucleator P-24

    Polyester & Nylon Nucleator P-24

    P-24 is a physical compounds of few Nucleating Agent of long chain polyester sodium salt to speed up crystallization of Polyester and Nylon.

    It is can be used for PET, PBT and Nylon.

  • PET Nucleating Agent PET-98C

    PET Nucleating Agent PET-98C

    PET-98C is Nucleating Agent of Organise silicate to improve PET quality.

    It can be used in engineering plastic of PET.

  • Stiffening Nucleator BT-9806

    Stiffening Nucleator BT-9806

    BT-9806 β-Crystal Nucleating Agent made of rare-earth.

    It can be used in producing PP products of PP-R tube, Closures, Automotive and Appliances parts etc.

  • PET Nucleating Agent PET-TW03

    PET Nucleating Agent PET-TW03

    PET-TW03 is Polyester Nano-fiber Nucleator, improve the mechanical property and thermal property substantially, also has special structure as the high polymer could permeate into nucleator micropore.

    It is can used in PET and PBT.