Best Gain



Flavouring Agent:
It is High temperature, fragrance durable, easy dispersion, and high concentration.
It has various fragrance as follows: jasmine, rose, vanilla,mint, strawberry, apples, lemons, chocolate, milk, the color of the

powder is different as per flavour choosing.
Application: this product can be widely used in plastic and rubber products.
Dosage: 0.2%-0.3%
Apperance: solid powder.
Note: the price will be offered as per buyer’s requirement on flavor.

Ink Remover BT-300:
It is an odorless, and no temperature needed, has no contents of hazardous material , and the waste water has no pollution, good for mass production for its fast clean, as it only need 0.5~1 hour.
Application: for removing any color of PP and PE materials.
Dosage: proportion of BT-300 and water: 1:50 for PP knitting bag, while 1:10~20 for PP/ PE and PET film. Add 2-3% caustic soda according to total quantity of water and BT-300 liquid.
Apperance: liquid form.

Ink Remover BT-301/2:
It only need 0.5 hour under 60℃ for BT-302 or 1hour under 5℃ for BT301. Other are same as BT-300.
Application: it is special for knitting Bag.
Dosage: 1:50 ( Water) 2%-3% (Caustic soda)
Apperance: liquid form.

PET Sticker Remover BT-336:
it will be not hamper the properties, it is odorless, non-toxic and does not pollute the environment.
Application: all kinds of PET.
Dosage: proportion of BT-336 and water: 1:20.
Apperance: liquid form.