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Performance and features:
In order to solve the problem of warp of PET and high rate of waste product during processing, caused by low speed

crystallization, most of users use nucleating agent to enhance the speed of crystallization, but usually it will hamper

the other performance of PET for small molecule added. But when you use PET nucleator, all above performance will

be improved. It is not only to enhance the crystal speed evidently but also can improve the stiffness, heat resistance,

and lower the rate of warp and shrink of the finished products. Thus the rate of finished products will be increased


Following is the detailed introduction of each type:

It is a physical compounds of few nucleating agent of long chain polyester sodium salt to speed up crystallization of

Polyester and Nylon.
Features: improving demoulding, dimensional stability of products, mechanical properties and surface gloss,

reducing product shrinkage, shortening molding cycle and increasing productivity, prevention of stress cracking of

Application: it is can be used for PET, PBT and Nylon.
Dosage: 0.2%-1%( usually about 0.5%).
Apperance: white powder.

It is Polyester Nano-fiber Nucleator, improve the mechanical property and thermal property substantially, also has

special structure as the high polymer could permeate into nucleator micropore. The molding cycle can be

substantially shortened.
Application: improving the crystalline and nuclear property of polyester PET and PBT.
Dosage: 0.3%-0.5%.
Apperance: white powder.

Organise silicate specially to improve stiffness, heat resistance, lower the rate of warp and shrink of PET.
Application: used in engineering plastic of PET.
Dosage: it is suggested to add 4-8wt% of total weight of mixed material.
Apperance: white powder.