Best Gain



Performance and features:
By using Nucleating Agent, many characteristics of the product can be improved, including
the firm of the material, yield strength in tension,strength of impact, flexural modulus, the
temperature of heating distortion, stability. It is also can obviously improve the optical and
mechanical performances of products. It is non-toxic white powder with non-odor.

Following is the detailed introduction of each type:

It is an aluminium aromatic carboxylate, can improve the stiffness of material, impact,
heat resistance, yield strength in tension, flexural modulus and dimensional stability.
Application: it is can be used in PP, PE, EVA, POE, PA, PES, POM, TPT etc.
Dosage: 0.1%-0.3%.
Apperance: white powder.

It is belonging to organic salts, has excellent disperse, good chemical inertia and heat stability.
Application: it can be directly used when mixed with PP resin, or added in the form of mother grains.
Dosage: 0.1%-0.2%.
Apperance: white powder.

It is β-Crystal nucleating agent with high tech patent product made of rare-earth.
1. Non-toxic and odorless.;
2. The impact strength can be increased from 1-6 times while maintaining rigidity;
3. Heat resistance can be increased 10-40℃;
4. The structure would be still stable enough after few times processing.
Application: PP-R tube, Closures, Automotive and Appliances parts etc.
Dosage: 0.1%-0.3%.
Apperance: white powder.