Nucleating Agent BT-21

It is a kind of organophosphate salt nucleating agent which is not only can improve polyolefin resins and other semi crystalline polymer of transparency, but also to improve their physical, chemical and mechanical properties, such as tensile strength, flexural modulus, crystallization temperature, and heat resistance, wear resistance, etc. It also has other characteristics of antioxidant dissolved, no blooming, non toxic and odorless.



Physical Properties:



Appearance White Powder
Melting Point(mp) >210℃
Odor Odorless

Effects of this excellent nucleating agent on PP:
Improve transparency
Improve crystallization temp. of resin
Improve heat distortion temp. of resin
Improve tensile strength

Improve surface strength

Improve flexural modulus

Improve impact strength

Recommended Dosage:
The dosage of BT-21 is recommended as 0.15-0.3% according to the material and the user’ s designed effect.

It is suitable for polyolefine resin and semi-crystallization polymer, PET, PBT, PU.

Package and Storage:
Every 10kg/bag or 20kg/drum with PE inner bag. It should be stored in cold and dry place and may be preserved long while not destroying the seal. Please seal the bag well if the whole package is not fully used. The useful life of this material is within 2 years under sealed condition.