Nucleating Agent BT-20

1. Introduction
Nucleating Agent BT-20 is an aluminium aromatic carboxylate, which is substitute for AL-PTBBA of Shell Japan Ltd. It can supply nucleus and accelerates the rate of crystallization which makes the structure of crystal grain finer. It odorless, tasteless and no toxic.
Accordingly, many characteristics of the product can be improved, including the firm of the material, yield strength in tention,strength of impact, flexural modulus, the temperature of heating distortion, stability.

2.Technical Property


Physical properties

Appearance White Find Powder
Melting Point (℃) Min.250
Volatility (%) Max.0.6
Ash (%) 12.4~16.0
Aluminum Content (%) 6.20~6.60
Particle Size No residue on No.325 sieve

3. Industrial Use
BT-20 can be used for Polyolefins, Polyesters, Polyamides, Polyoxymethylene and thermoplastic polyurethanes.
The best addition ratio is: 0.05-0.5%
4. Characteristics
High effective for polyolefin:
Raises crystallization temperature of matrix resin greatly
Raises heat distortion temperature of matrix resin greatly
Raises tensile strength of matrix resin greatly
Raises surface strength of matrix resin greatly
Raises flexural modulus of matrix resin greatly
Gives remarkable transparency of matrix resin
Raises impact strength of matrix resin greatly
5. Packing and Storage
Every 10 kgs are packed in one kraft paper bag with PE liner and single PE bags inside. To be stored under condition of shade, cool and dry .
Note: the bag should be tightly scaled after picking out some specimens.