Non-dust Clarifier BT-9805A

1. Introduction
BT-9805A is a loosen pellet form containing of a high performance sobitol based clarifying agent BT-9805 which is odorless compound with other additives that reduces haze and enhances the clarity of polypropylene through nucleation of the polymer. This also leads to enhanced stiffness of the molded part and to shorter cycle time during the molding process.

2. Features/Benefits
(1) Adopting preblends technology which makes production more easier, no need to add other additives.
(2) The loosen pellet helps additives easy disperse perfect with PP material.
(3) Minimize dust and enhance plant hy-giene.
(4) Unnecessary to prepare high speed mixing machine and save time of mixing.
(5) To avoid that powder form clarifying agent can not be fully dispersed into PP granule for adsorption of tank.

3. Physical Properties

Appearance : Irregular white loosen pellet. Grain Size: 2-4mm
Melting Point: 220~280℃ Ash: ≤ 0.06

4. Name of compound additives Usee
(1,3:2,4) Di(3,4-dimethy) dibenzylidene sorbitol
Calcium Stearate


5. Industrial Use
BT-9805A is high effective clarifying agent for polypropylene homopolymer,random copolymer and LDPE/LLDPE. It gives high transparency and improves mechanical properties, heat resistance of the materials or products, including housewares, storage cases, living hinge cases, thin-wall containers, disposable syringes and other pharmaceutical products etc. It also can be unsed to produce granule, sheet and tube of Clarified polypropylene.
The dosage is recommended: 0.3-0.4%.

6. Packing and Storage
Every 25 kgs are packed in one carton with PE bags inside. To be stored under condition of shade, cool and dry .